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As stated in the Articles of Incorporation of US-Taiwan Literatyre Foundation, the specific purposes of the Foundation intend to develop an institution to carry out the research, translation and publication of Taiwan literature in the English language and to promote a better understanding and effective knowledge of Taiwan literature by providing reading and teaching material to public libraries and schools, and through cultural and educational activities. If funding permits, we would like to implement the Taiwan Writers in Residence Program to invite established writers from Taiwan for a period of time to visit major universities and Chinese communities in North America to give lectures and talks about their careers as a writer with viewpoints on their own literature. The main purpose of this program is to promote a better understanding among scholars and students abroad of the current state and tendencies of literature as it has developed in Taiwan and through interaction, dialogue and exchange of views with the audience to enhance the study of Taiwan literature from international perspectives.  



 Volunteers and Translators Needed

  A Letter to Prospective Translators

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 Questionnaire of Prospective Translators for Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series

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Taiwan Literature English Translation Series
Issue 29, Special Issue on Chang Wen-huan


Taiwan Literature English Translation Series
Issue 30, Popular Literature in Taiwan under Japanese Rule