Taiwan Literature English Translation Series 

A Brief Introduction

Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series introduces to English readers the voices of Taiwanese writers and scholars, with viewpoints on their own literature, in order to improve understanding among readers and scholars abroad of the currents and tendencies of literature in Taiwan, as well as to enhance the study of Taiwan literature from international perspectives.

In view of the importance of this task, starting from January 2011 the journal is published by the US-Taiwan Literature Foundation, a nonprofit public benefit corporation, as an institution to carry on research and translation of Taiwan literature in English, provide reading and teaching materials for libraries and schools, and facilitate cultural and educational activities. Under the auspicious of the Foundation, we hope to continue the English translation and publication of Taiwan literature toward an ever better presentation of the history and current state of literature as it has developed in Taiwan.



鑒於台灣文學英譯的重要性,本叢刊自2011 年第27 集起,由公益事業非營利法人「美國台灣文學基金會」出版,以便有計劃地推動台灣文學的研究和英譯、向圖書館和學校提供閱讀作品和教材、以及推展有關的文化和教育活動。在基金會的支持下,希望今後繼續推動台灣文學的英譯出版,更進一步展現台灣文學的歷史及其發展現況。


Background of the Journal

Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series started its publication in August 1996 under the auspices of the Forum for the Study of World Literatures in Chinese as a subunit of the Intercdiciplinary Humanities Center, University of California, Santa Barbara, with support from the Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan. Since January 2011 (Number 27) the journal has been supported and published by the US-Taiwan Literature Foundation. 

The journal, co-edited by Professors Kuo-ch’ing Tu and Robert Backus (emeritus), is bringing new attention and prominence to the literature of Taiwan, and has attracted contributions from an international group of more than 80 scholars, including translation veterans Howard Goldblatt, Sylvia Lin, John Balcom and Yingtsih from the U.S. and others from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as with a number of graduate students from various universities, including many from UCSB.

As a biannual the journal has published two issues each year and thirty-one issues to date and has been successful in promoting a better understanding and effective knowledge among scholars abroad of the current state and tendencies of literature as it has developed in Taiwan.

Each issue focuses on a theme, and the contents of each issue comprise critiques, fiction, essays, poems, and studies. Aboriginal literature, literature and social concerns, urbanization and the fin de siècle in Taiwan literature, folk literature, children’s literature, women writers, history, and Taiwan literature, nature, and environment are among the themes that have been the focus of specific issues of this dynamic journal. More than 150 stories, 40 critiques, 80 essays, 270 poems, and 45 studies have been translated into English in the past sixteen years.

A great number of the famous stories by Taiwan writers have been translated and published in the journal, including the following:

The Steelyard’” (一桿「稱仔」)
Making Trouble (惹事)
A Dissatisfying New Year (不如意的過年) and 
Festival High Jinks (鬥鬧熱) by Lai He;

The Newspaper Carrier (新聞配達夫) by Yang Kuei;

“The Oxcart” (牛車) and “The Magnolia” (木蘭花) by Lü Ho-jo;

The Town with the Papaya Trees (パパイヤのある街) and 
Woman on Fire (燃える女) by Lung Ying-tsung;

The Capon“ (閹雞) and 
“The Analects and the Chicken” (論語と雞) by Chang Wen-huan;

Remaining Snow“ (殘雪)
CA Love Story before Dawn“ (夜明け前の戀物語)
Old Gon”  (爺さん) 、“Scamp” (羅漢) and 
“Poor Old Rui“ (哀れなルイ婆さん) by Weng Nao;

Head and Body (首と體) by Wu Yung-fu;

Autumn Tidings (秋信) by Chu Tien-jen;

Strong Currents (奔流) by Wang Chang-hsiung;

Journalto Taimu Mountain (泰姆山記)
Amnesia Elixir (孟婆湯) and 
Ghost Hunting (尋鬼記) by Li chiao;

A Picture of the Ghost Festival“ (中元的構圖)
Song of the Egret” (白翎鷥之歌) and 
“The Skull and the Faceless Clock” (骷髏與沒有數字板的鐘) by Chung Chao-cheng;

The Doctors Mother (先生媽)
Meritorious Dog (功狗)and 
The Stink of Money (臭銅) by Wu Cho-liu;

The Flesh-Mongers Family (賺食世家) and 
Spring Dream at Gourd Valley (葫蘆巷春夢) by Yeh Shih-tao.


Themes of Each Issue of the Journal
                                                            (August 1996 to January 2013)

#1 Taiwan Literature as a Subject of Study (台灣文學作為研究課題)    


#2 The Study of Taiwan Literature: An International Perspective(台灣文學研究的國際視野)

#3 Aboriginal Literature in Taiwan (台灣原住民文學)

#4 The Nativist Voice of Taiwan Literature (台灣本土文學的聲音)

#5 Literature and Social Concerns (文學與社會關懷)

#6 Urban Literature and the Fin de Siècle in Taiwan (台灣都市文學與世紀末)

#7 Travel and Visiting One’s Homeland (旅遊與還鄉)


#8 Taiwan Literature, Nature, and Environment (台灣文學與自然˙環境)

#9 Taiwanese Folk Literature (台灣民間文學)

#10 Children’s literature in Taiwan (台灣兒童文學)

#11 Women’s Literature in Taiwan (I) (台灣女性文學I)

#12 Women’s Literature in Taiwan (II) (台灣女性文學II)

#13 Taiwan Literature and History (台灣文學與歷史)

#14 Taiwan Literature and Folklore (台灣文學與民俗)

#15 Lai Ho, Wu Cho-liu and Taiwan Literature (賴和、吳濁流與台灣文學)

#16 Taiwan Literature and Hakka Culture (台灣文學與客家文化)

#17 Taiwan Literature and the Ocean (台灣文學與海洋)

#18 Mountains, Forests and Taiwan Literature (台灣文學與山林)

#19 Taiwan Literature during the Period of Japanese Rule (日治時期的台灣文學)

#20 Taiwan Literature during the Period of Japanese Rule (II)(日治時期的台灣文學 II)

#21 Taiwan Literature and Home-Longing (台灣文學與懷鄉)

#22 Taiwan Literature and Childhood(台灣文學與童年)

#23 Taiwan Literature and the February 28 Incident (台灣文學與228

#24 Myths and Legends of Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan (台灣原住民的神話與傳說)

#25 Special Issue on Yeh Shih-t’ao (葉石濤專輯)

#26 Special Issue on Yang Ch’ih-ch’ang (楊熾昌專輯)

#27 Special Issue on Weng Nao and Wu Yung-fu (翁鬧與巫永福專輯)

#28 Special Issue on LungYing-tsung (龍瑛宗專輯)

#29 Special Issue on Chang Wen-huan (張文環專輯)

#30 Special Issue on Popular Fiction in Taiwan under Japanese Rule (日治時期臺灣通俗小說專輯)

#31 Special Issue on Folk Ballads in Taiwan (臺灣民間說唱故事專輯)


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